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Simtopia is now open for dine-in, pick-up, and delivery.

We will be adhering to distancing regulations, group sizes and hours of operation, as outlined by local government officials. We want you to know that your safety is our top priority and have taken steps to ensure that all guests will feel comfortable while dining with us.

The ideal blend of recreation and work tailored for developers, writers, designers, and everyone who is hustling out there! We offer a vibrant space equipped with all the modern amenities to ease you into your fuss-free and productive professional life. Get that work life balance with our recreational activities whenever you want to take a break. Now you can be at home in your workplace!

Simtopia modern golf simulators take you to the most beautiful golf courses in the world and analyze your tee shots and movements in detail. Whether individual training or a golf taster course, everyone will find the right training offer here.

Get a solid stance, learn to keep your skis parallel, master the correct weight transfer movements and unweighting, build up all the ski-specific muscles. 30 minutes on the simulator equal a whole-day training on the slope! You’ll soon see a breakthrough in technique and will be able to get down the mountain with full control and fluidity.